Wheel Rim Sandblasting

Wheel Rim Sandblasting

Sandblasting wheel rims

Everyone knows wheel rims make any car look better but only when the wheel rims are at their best. Sandblasting wheel rims will take them back to bare metal and make your whole car look much better.

wheel rims

We all know what a tough life wheel rims have next to the dirt and grime of the road, never mind curbs! All this can take its toll on your wheel rims and stop them looking their best.

We work with companies that can remove unwanted scratch’s and dents. We then sandblast back to the original metal. This leaves the wheel rim ready for your next step. Whether that’s paint, polish or whatever Sandblasting wheel rims is the perfect way to get your vehicle looking it’s best.

How to get your alloys sandblasted

First send us a photo of your wheel rims to us so we can provide an estimate. Try and show any faults or defects you want addressed.

Then you can either bring your car to us and we will sort everything. Preferably you can bring just the wheel rims you want sand blasting to us and we will do the job for you.

Services we offer:

Services we offer:

  • Qualified experts
  • Guarantees on workmanship
  • Auckland wide
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